irish grown flowers.JPG

The flower field is located at the edge of Glandore Village - a nice 5 minute walking commute to work for me!  It's a small corner of what used to be my father's dairy farm.

Everything is done by hand & without use of chemicals.  I try to feed the soil as much as possible, with seaweed & some farmyard manure.  The plants are fed with comfrey & nettle teas so I don't have to buy plant food in plastic bottles.

Seeds are sown & raised in a greenhouse at my house.  I use peat free compost as I'm told our peat bogs are as important as the rainforests in preventing further global warming. 

I have one full time helper in the form of my sheepdog, Bess - who's really not much help at all except that she makes me stop to pet her at regular intervals.

Visitors to the flower field are very welcome by prior arrangement.