We are becoming more aware these days of the origin of the food we buy, and often choose to buy Irish where possible.  This might be for environmental or ethical reasons, or to support Irish business.  It makes for a richer experience, to know the producer and maybe even buy the product directly from them.

The same thing is happening with flowers, and small scale flower farmers are springing up all over Ireland.  We offer an alternative to mass market flowers that are flown in from places like Kenya and Colombia.  The flowers you buy from an Irish flower farmer are quite different.  They reflect the Irish seasons and the Irish landscape.  Often the Irish flower farmer is also the florist, and we chose varieties not because they are easy to transport, but because they have a wonderful scent, or a certain delicacy, or because we just can't resist that shade of apricot when browsing the seed catalogues in early January.  We can often be found staring intently at hedgerows because, even though we have ordered 75 types of seeds, a little bit of wild honeysuckle is going to add something special to a bride's bouquet.

Wherever you live I encourage you to seek out a local flower farmer.  Keep an eye out for Flower Farmers of Ireland - a new association to be launched in 2018 which will be spreading the 'locally grown flowers' gospel!