In 2013 I moved back to Glandore, the village in West Cork where I grew up, having studied, travelled & worked as an architect since leaving school.

I was looking for a way to make a living there, so the first tentative steps were taken that autumn when I bought two 25kg bags of spring bulbs & started planting.

The following spring I moved out of my back garden & up to the farm.  Where there used to be cows, now there is a polytunnel & a carefully rabbit proofed plot.  It can be windy but the views over Glandore harbour are hard to beat.

I discovered I love sowing seeds (just as well!) & am still bowled over by how such tiny things can somehow know how to turn into beautiful flowering plants.  I love seeing the first cornflower of the year unfurl its petals - that first little dot of blue heralding the start of all the summer annuals.

If you would like more flowers in your life come & say hello - either in person or via social media/email.  I hope my bouquets convey a sense of natural romance & style that will make you smile!